Many people often access the administration interface of their routers. Perform configuration updates using an IP address, specifically This particular IP address,, is commonly used as the default IP address for routers and modems worldwide, allowing users to adjust both advanced settings. Login

The use of IPv4 addresses ensures that a device can be assigned that specific address at any time, thus avoiding conflicts with IP addresses. It is possible to access the administration panel from any connected device by entering the IP address; however, doing so could potentially result in an address conflict.

How to log in to

D Link and NETGEAR routers and modems, for example, use as the default gateway IP address. By entering this IP address in your web browser, you will be directed to the router’s administration page where you can make the necessary settings.

Before proceeding, it is important to make sure of the following;

  • The default IP address of the router is set to, although some routers and modems may have a default gateway IP of or
  • Your device is connected to the router’s network, either wirelessly or through a connection.

Once you have confirmed the above information, follow these steps to access the router’s configuration page at

Here are the step-by-step instructions to access the administration page of your router;

  1. Start by launching your preferred web browser.
  2. Open a tab. Enter or simply in the address bar and then press Enter.
  3. On the login page you will see the manufacturer’s logo representing the model of your router. To go to the router administration page, you must provide your login credentials.
  4. You can find the default login credentials in the package that comes with your router or by searching for access. Once you have them, enter your username and password in the fields provided. Click on “Login”.
  5. If all goes well and the information you entered is correct, you will be granted access to your router’s control panel where you will be able to make any modifications to your configuration.That’s it! You have now successfully accessed your router’s administration page. You can begin making changes as needed.

Unable to access

If you cannot get any results when entering in the address bar of your browser, you may encounter some problems, such as;

  • Your browser will not be able to complete the request if you are not currently connected to the Internet. Before proceeding, make sure you are connected.
  • Your router’s gateway IP address may not be The best way to resolve this is to determine the correct gateway IP address for your router, which we explain in detail in this section.
  • Some users have experienced problems connecting to the Internet after changing their default gateway to, attributing it to outdated drivers. Updating your drivers could potentially solve this problem.
  • There may have been an error in typing the IP address, such as typing 192.168.o.1 for or accidentally adding “www”. before that.
  • Incorrect router settings can sometimes cause to become inaccessible and, in some cases, resetting the router to its factory settings may be the solution.