How to recover your lost WiFi password?

Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to track down your WiFi password if you forget it and you’re not exactly tech savvy. It can be quite embarrassing when you have guests or friends over. You have no idea of the password of your WiFi network.

However, don’t worry! Recovering a forgotten WiFi password is not as difficult as it may seem, especially if you have access to the router or a device that is already connected to the WiFi network. Forgot your WiFi password? Don’t worry! We have instructions for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS users alike. Just keep in mind that in order to successfully recover your WiFi password your device must have been previously connected to the network.


If you forget your WiFi password, on your Windows PC, here’s what you can do to regain access;

Open the configuration menu.

Navigate to the Network and Internet section where you can find information on the status and functions of your network.

3. Search for your Wi Fi network. Connect to it. There may be an overlay or icon indicating its availability.

4. Click Wireless Properties in the menu that appears.

5. Choose “Security”.

6. To reveal your Wi Fi network password, simply check the box next to Network Security Key that says Show characters.

These steps should help you recover your forgotten WiFi password on a Windows PC.

Mac OS

Go to the Applications folder. Select Utilities, from there to search for Utilities.

2. Open the Keychain Access application.

3. In the window, click System and then select Passwords in the lower left pane.

4. Look for the SSID or the name of your router in the list. Double click on it.

5. A new tab/window will open where you can check a box if you want to see the WiFi password.

6. Since this is a system configuration, you will need to provide the administrator password to access it.


Currently it is not possible to access the WiFi network password on your Android device without rooting it. While we do not recommend rooting Android devices if necessary, there are programs, such as WiFi Key Recovery, that can help you recover your WiFi password.


Both Android and iOS work one way. It can be challenging to recover a WiFi password on an iPhone or iPad unless you choose to jailbreak your device and use a Cydia modification, such as Network List. However, we strongly discourage the act of jailbreaking your iOS device.


You can easily reset the password if you have access to the WiFi router. This can be achieved in several ways:

Using the default password

If you have not made any changes to your router settings, it should be fairly easy to locate your WiFi password. The manufacturer usually includes the WiFi password and SSID on a label attached to the router. Take a look at the label, which can usually be found on the router itself or on the side. This tag contains the default WiFi details that you can use to connect to the network.

Using the router’s management interface

This method may initially seem a bit challenging for beginners. Actually, it’s quite simple. To perform this method, you will need to have an Internet connection and make sure your computer is connected to the router via Ethernet or WiFi. Once you have established the connection, follow these steps to recover a forgotten WiFi password;

1. Prepare your browser for use.

2. In the address bar enter the default gateway address of your router, which is usually or

3. You will need to use the login credentials (password). It can. Look for them online. Refer to the label on the bottom of your router for the required login details.

4. Log in with your user ID and password.

5. Once you are logged in you will be able to access the Wireless Area.

6. When you enter the WiFi password, it will be displayed in its field.

Reset the router

If you have any problems following the above steps or if you have difficulty accessing your router’s administration panel, a reboot may be necessary. Resetting your router will restore all settings, including custom passwords, to their default values. You can access the WiFi network using the default login information. Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your router;

1. Locate the Reset or Restore Factory Settings button on the bottom or back of your router.

2. Take a paper clip or toothpick.

3. Press and hold the button for no, then fifteen seconds and then release it.

4. Your router will now do it. Restart. Wait one minute for everything to restart correctly. You can then connect to the WiFi network using the default password.

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